The Arnof Workplace Harassment Course (For Supervisors & Managers)

This is our workplace harassment course for supervisors & managers. This longer version of our harassment course for employees, our course for supervisors & managers meets all federal & state requirements. For single enrollments, please enroll using the button below. For group enrollments (virtual classroom), please fill out the Group Enrollment Order Form.

How the private classroom works:

For bulk orders, you are provided a private version of the course upon payment receipt. This is the same version of our course, with all of the features, lessons and assessments. However, this private version can only be accessed by your company. Upon placing your order, please specify the number of seats needed. Once you access your private version of the course, you will have full administrative privileges. You can enroll, unenroll and monitor your students, up to the specified number of seats ordered. In essence, this becomes a private classroom for your organization.

For a detailed guide on private classrooms, you may click on this link.

Take the First Step. Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

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Our anti-harassment courses are the first step towards protecting your business from harassment lawsuits. In addition, you will have the tools to safe working environment free from harassment.
What you'll learn:
  • The definition of harassment.
  • The legal and workplace consequences of harassment lawsuits.
  • How to implement an anti-harassment programs, policies and reporting measures.
  • An official certificate of completion which can document your participation.
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